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Arrow Particle Benchmark (New Version, +HD Video)

Particle Benchmark: Multimedia process power benchmark software for multi core and multi cpu systems. (readme.txt for detail)

Actual cpu specifications;

Particle Benchmark Download link 400kb

Particle Animation Version Download link 400kb

Video Youtube Hd Video link 96 MB

v0.3 - 06.11.2009
Command line parameter support
Full load core engine(benchmark run in timecritical mode) (Therefore new scores may be a little high)
Adjustable thread count
Adjustable benchmark repeat
Minor bugfixes

Command line parameters:
-n Starts in benchmark mode
-c x Benchmark repeat count, default x = 1
-p x Thread count, default x = 4
-t x Custom demo text, default x = function
-d x Particle density factor(for demo), default x = 5
-a x Anialiased pixels on/off, 1 = on, 0 = off, default on
-b x Benchmarking M particle count, default 1, (changes are not recommended)

Please share your results..


Neset Ozeren

(I have been working for software companies which produces image processing based softwares for 10 years.)

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