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Default Re: Torchlight - A review from a Diablo 2 fan

Well I was looking for an action rpg for my laptop (underpowered x1300 video chip) and guild wars requires you to be online, so I decided to add torchlight to my steam library.

And I think I am glad I did. Ive spent about 3 hours in it with the vanquisher, and here are the thoughts and opinions that came up while I was playing.

Graphics, pretty, not complex but colorfull, lots of extra things here and there, a nice WoW inspired look. Animation was also fairly good, didn't see any sliding monsters or glitchy frames. Plenty of particle effects.

Gameplay, aside from the lack of being able to change the control scheeme, I was able to get used to it quickly. Attacking was straight forward, and the special attacks were pretty useful and I didn't feel like I could spam it forever and ignore my normal attacks.

Ai, so far not really impressed. Most mobs had a straight line mentality, and very few exhibited tricks to attacking and killing them. The few large bosses I have come accross have featured varied special attacks, but were still mostly a chase and swing affair.

Loot, so far its what ive come to expect from mmo's, and of course diablo clones. Lots of trash drops but luckly your dog makes it easier to pickup and sell trash. I dont like the identification system here because so much of your drops are unidentified and so you run the high risk of missing something nice.

Skilling up, I really hate needing to figure out my own attributes, it should have been like other MMO games where your classes attributes automatically increase when you level, and you gain the majority of stats through armor. This was compounded with the fact that the game didn't attempt to make non-primary stats useful. Talents were somewhat interesting, but half of them are very situational..or are stat enhancers instead of new special attacks and abilities, and considering how few talents torchwood has overall, this leaves you with only a few actual new abilities at the end of the day. Frankly sticking things like additional crit, and increased crit damage on the talent table is dumb. no one wants to spend on those.

Overall I think its a quality piece...and will tide me over until dragons age. I would be excited if they decided to expand this with a sequel with better story and more dungeon locations. Oh yea, and more classes. with only 3 classes, even replay value is slim.
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