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Originally Posted by Dragorep View Post
I also concluded that a particular motherboard model (I tried both these GA 7VRXP Rev 1.1 and GA 7VRXP Rev 2.0 both with AMD 2400's) had major issues with the PCI cards reliably producing fatal errors within a minute whether playing files or live TV.
I can also confirm that the pre-emptions I see with a Geforce 9400 GT PCI with 190.42 when receiving DVB depend on the motherboard model: I can reliably reproduce the pre-emptions on two Epox EP-8KA3+ Rev 1.2, BIOS 2003/04/09 (Athlon XP 2600+ 2GHz), with three different DVB cards: Two STB0899 based (KNC1 DVB S2+ and Technisat Skystar HD), one SAA7146 based (KNC1 DVB-T). It does not matter how I set the following BIOS options: "PCI Latency Timer" (did not try many values), "* Cacheable", "PCI * Write", "PCI Delay Transaction" and "Init Display First".
I have never seen an option to disable AGP on any board and "Init Display First" usually makes no difference for me.
I do not get any pre-emptions on a pre-2000 Pentium III board (P3-500) watching HDTV for several hours using the same graphic card and one of the DVB-S2 cards. Note that on this board, the graphic card is not recognized (and not started) by the BIOS which does not matter because the graphic card is started when X starts (I have an AGP graphic card in the system to see startup messages and to be able to use the console, but X/VDPAU also works without the second graphic card).

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