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Default Still suffering the compiz black window bug


I'm playing with the last version of compiz and nvidia-driver (190.42). I'm still having the black window bug. I'm attaching the nvidia-bug report.

I have a dell d630 laptop, and a flat monitor at 1440x900. When opening three or four firefox windows I can see the black window problem.

I tried without the --loose-binding option, as many suggested in the linux forum. I didn't helped. There is no --strict-binding option. I tried max performance in nvidia-setting, didn't helped too.

Is there something I can do ? I tried everything in my hand, clean settings of xorg and compiz, and from then many options. None helped.

I tried with another d630 with linux (ubuntu 9.10 and compiz 0.8.4 and 185.18.36) and worked fine. I was able to open 10 or more firefox at fullscreen without problems.


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