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Default Xorg 100% CPU with nvidia driver

I've just switched over to the nvidia driver from nouvou. Everything is working, however Xorg CPU utilization is 100% of a single core (fortunately I'm running on an I7 so I can still function).

Some notes that might help...

X utilization starts normal but hits 100% after about one or two minutes (varies).
This happens even when not logged in via X (i.e., Login screen is up - I see the 100% via ssh... and the sound of the cpu fan spooling up).

If I kill X, things go back to normal for a while.
I can kill X and keep it dead and log in remotely (XDMCP) and don't see the utilization.

I've gone through this board and fixed everything I can see (selinux, etc.). I don't have any of the errors I'm told to look for.

I've attached the requisite bug report file that seems to have all requested data.

Meanwhile, I'll probably go to runlevel 3 for a while.
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