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Default Re: Twinview, external monitor out of sync on MacBook Pro 5,3

I'm in the same boat. Beautiful Apple LED 24" monitor, beautiful Macbook Pro (with a great NVIDIA card), with a beautiful Kubuntu 9.10 build. Everything looks great on the Macbook Pro built in screen, but with the 190.42 release I can only get the external monitor to do 640x480. I am definitely hoping the refresh or the 195 will be able to support the monitor over the display port.

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I'm not allowed to give ETAs, I'm afraid. However, I can tell you that there's a chance there will be a 190.* refresh that has this fix backported to it. I can't say for sure whether the 190.* refresh will come out before or after the first 195.* beta. The major version numbers try to roughly match the corresponding Windows versions, though the version numbers on Windows are all wonky for reasons that I won't get into.
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