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Angry Not at all happy....

I bought a Gigabyte 7NXXP mobo for my new system because the hardware sites I'd been to liked it and really liked the nForce 2 400 chipset it used.
Mistake #1...

Silly me, I figured with mature tech like AGP I was pretty safe from oddities in chipset expressions. Mistake #2...

I did get an ATI Radeon 9600 Pro because I remembered what it was like trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to install my GeForce 2 MX under Linux and for some reason I thought ATI support was better. Maybe this was a bad idea... but the board did appear to be faster than the 4600 at around the same price point. I'm not ready to count this a mistake yet... the "new" build_mod in the "How to get your ATI RADEON running..." thread doesn't appear to work with the latest fglrx drivers - it' blows up two out of two hunks.

The point of this is... I'm ticked. I'm running Mandrake 9.1 with the updated 2.4.21-25 kernel.

I've installed the current nforce drivers - a couple of times. I'm annoyed at the GART thing, because I dislike building my own kernel (there's 80,000 choices, and I'll get most of them wrong...) How about updating this patch to work with .21 and maybe a couple of other kernel versions?

And when I put the nvaudio line in my modules.conf and reboot... it's amazing... nvaudio isn't even found.

And, I suspect because of the GART thing, agpgart.o.gz is reporting "device not found" everytime I try it - so I've got a wonderfully unaccellerated non-3D video card.

Maybe a Via KT400 next time instead....
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