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An FYI for anyone that doesn't know, mousing over the little square to the right of the time (lower right corner) shows the desktop (as does Windows+Spacebar) and clicking on it minimizes everything (like Windows+M).

Windows(hold)+Tab(tap) does the 3D thing and scrolls through as you tap Tab.

Windows+Ctrl+Tab does the 3D thing and keeps it open so you can scroll with the mouse wheel and left click to select.

Alt+Tab does the usual, but shows a preview, as does clicking the middle button on most mouses.


Win+Up: Maximize
Win+Down: Restore / Minimize
Win+Left: Snap to left
Win+Right: Snap to right
Win+Shift+Left: Jump to left monitor
Win+Shift+Right: Jump to right monitor
Win+Home: Minimize / Restore all other windows
Win+T : Focus the first taskbar entry
Win+Space: Peek at the desktop
Win+G: Bring gadgets to the top of the Z-order
Win+P: External display options (mirror, extend desktop, etc)
Win+X: Mobility Center

Another FYI; Windows peeks, Gollum sneaks...

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