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Default Re: Windows 7 possible bug or driver problem?

Using Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit today so....

Opened a picture and let Windows default photo viewer thing resize it to fit. It moved around fairly smooth, but it left a trail all over about 2 inches behind it that disappeared after half a second or so. Hard to describe, but it was leaving a trail. It didn't show up in screen shots I tried to grab.

Same thing with Fastone Maxview and the trails were barely visible, but were there a little bit. Had to move it faster to see them at all. I think it's just the nature of Windows new flashy desktop crap. The entire OS feels slow and choppy to me like this.

Example: Open event viewer...sit and wait for it to fill the list before you can read it or clear it. Go to internet options and delete browsing history and all that....wait for like 1-4 seconds before the thing even pops up it's little progress meter (it used to be so fast there wasn't even one of these.) then wait at least 3 seconds for it to clear an already cleared and empty cache...I shudder to think how long this would take for someone who actually uses IE and doesn't have the cache set to clear every time it closes. Have you tried to use the Disk Cleanup tool? Holy crap is that thing slow, even on a new install with hardly anything on the disk.

Windows 7 and Vista are just almost everything they do. Don't get me wrong, frame rates in a game are fine. It's everything's the basic Windows tasks that are slow. Seems like a 3 second delay between every friggin click, and the way they've buried everything in control panels now, there are a whole lot more clicks and panels to slowly load up to do the most simple, basic things.
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