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Originally Posted by jAkUp View Post
Actually you would be suprised to know that the some cards, including the GTX 260's vary from vendor to vendor. For example, most vendors use a 4 phase power solution on GTX 260, EVGA uses 6.

Are you the same jAKUp that said how awesome the 2GPU on one board was ("Jitter? What's jitter?") and then later said of a newer card, "And this one doesn't have the jitter problems!" Perhaps the same jAKUp who works for eVGA who released the single worst 680i motherboard that they quickly replaced with a newer revision when the older one had memory controller and hard drive southbridge?

I hope eVGA's got better quality than it did a couple years ago. Personally, I recommend BFG if you can get the same price and upgrade potential.
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