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Default Re: Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module -error after upgrading to Kubuntu 9.10

After looking through your logs, I have found your problem. The problem is that the kernel module is at version 173.14.16 (from Jaunty) but the userspace part of the driver was upgraded to 173.14.20 (with the Karmic upgrade.) My recommendation would be to execute the following commands:

"sudo dkms remove -m nvidia -v 173.14.16 --all"
"sudo dkms remove -m nvidia -v 173.14.20 --all"
"sudo aptitude reinstall nvidia-173-kernel-source"

One of the DKMS commands will probably fail, but executing them both will ensure that all kernel modules are removed from your system before reinstalling the kernel modules source. This will cause DKMS to build the latest version of the module, which should start your system working again after a reboot.
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