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Default Re: video tearing when composite is enabled

Someone on found a solution for the video tearing (he was referring to the video on TV but it's the same fix for using a monitor only)

"I had same issue with tearing on TV, but it disappeared after launching the Compiz settings manager (ccsm) on the secondary (TV) screen using alt + f2 and ccsm.
Relevant settings are:
-detect refresh rate off
-refresh rate fixed to 60
-vsync enabled"

So run ccsm on the xscreen where you see the tearing, that is if the tearing happens on your TV and you use the "separate x screen option" in nvidia-settings, run ccsm on that screen and enable "vsync to vblack" ("general options", then go to "display settings" tab)

This fix worked for me on ubuntu 9.10 (karmic koala) - mplayer
No need for you to disable compiz in order to get rid of that annoying video tearing.
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