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Default Re: Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module -error after upgrading to Kubuntu 9.10

Good morning Samik

My first thoughts were the same as those of @thefirstsm. Now, not much up on Ubuntu - run Debian (stable on two, testing on one desktop and the laptop). Have looked at "the Debian way" and opted for downloading and installing directly from the nVidia drivers (available elsewhere on this site). If all else fails, you may be forced to try this method. The install process will usually (in my own experience) uninstall any previous drivers before installing itself.

Now, if you do go down this track, you will need to install the correct headers (the headers are what your last message is complaining about) Just aptitude or apt-get them and try again. Getting the headers will, if you do not already have it, install the correct version of gcc as well, which will help to stop another complaint from the installer.

apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`

(edit : easier to copy/paste that line - those are `, not ' )

With greetings


Edit : Reading your last post again, actually, once you get the headers, the process you tried above should work.
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