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Default Windows install smooth? It's a NIGHTMARE!

First of all, I have Windows 7 Pro OEM x64, received and installed on Oct. 28th. (YAY for no tech support!)

I start the installation on a CLEAN HD. Everything's humming along. I enter my CD Key and when I press Next I get a bluescreen! It doesn't even explain why! All I know is the stop code was 0x0000007e.

Stupid me installed it on the wrong partition, so I deleted that installation and put it on c:. Everything goes well, it detects everything, but it feels sluggish.

I install chipset drivers directly from Gigabyte. Upon closing the install, BLUESCREEN! IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. It didn't install a thing. Upon 2nd try I get the chipset drivers installed. Success.

Next I try the nV drivers. It installs ok, but upon exiting the installer ANOTHER bluescreen! PAGE_FAULT_NOT_IN_PAGED_AREA. Again, 2nd try gets them installed.

To make this shorter, EVERY single driver I install bluescreens on me, and on 2nd try are successful.

Now I install the latest game I have NFS Shift. It installs fine. Patches fine upon entering the game, BLUESCREEN! Ready for this? It BSOD's without warning, and without cause! I always get this (in event viewer):
Kernel-Power Event ID 41 0x0000007e (this has happened 5 times now)

And today I let it idle while I watched an NFL game, I come back and move the mouse and get a BSOD! SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION

In Event Viewer I have counted and logged many errors and critical errors.

Kernel-Power Event ID 41 0x0000007e (7 events, same BSOD, all critical)
Unexpected shutdown Event ID 6008 (5 events, all errors, but non critical)
0x00000050 WER Event ID 1001 (7 events, critical)
I have also had BSOD that it didn't record. NTFS.SYS

0xc0000005 fault in DWM.exe
0x80000003 fault in shift.exe (nfs game, 5 instances)
Event ID 6e4 Application hang shift.exe (resulted in BSOD)
Event ID be0 Application hang shift.exe (BSOD)
0xc0000005 fault in MpCmdRun.exe
0xc0000005 fault in mscorsvw.exe

On top of this, I update windows, and it renders my realtek gigabit LAN useless, it won't start (after 3 times uninstalling the software for it, it's back).

SO yeah, I cannot endorse Windows 7 at this time. I will be installing the same OS (different key) on my sister's tomorrow. I hope it's better than my experience. She has Intel, I have AMD. From Oct 28th till now I have had approximately 17 BSOD's. YAY me!

I have read up a little bit on some of these errors, and it points to a failing UPS system. I tried it, and it works fine. I even drained the battery by letting my monitor suck the power down.

Anything I can do or should I re-install? my first install I left everything in tact, didn't unplug any hardware.
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