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Default Re: Twinview gaming is hard .. one large desktop.

Originally Posted by Andre-K View Post
There's something fishy with the nvidia drivers, I still see two workspaces, yet I have a cube.
cube? You should now have a workspace spanning two monitors with a virtual boundary for window maximization in the center. Depending on how your desktop environment is configured, you should have some way to switch to other virtual desktops, all spanning the two monitors.

Originally Posted by Andre-K View Post
Also, Penumbra Overture Demo still goes crazy and draws now partially off-screen.
Does it use a resolution you have now in your metamodes but your monitor does not properly support? You can use xrandr, krandrtray or any other frontend to randr and test if all modes are working properly. If not, drop them. And you might want to add some additional modes.
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