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Default Re: video tearing when composite is enabled

Originally Posted by a369700 View Post
"I had same issue with tearing on TV, but it disappeared after launching the Compiz settings manager (ccsm) on the secondary (TV) screen using alt + f2 and ccsm.
Relevant settings are:
-detect refresh rate off
-refresh rate fixed to 60
-vsync enabled"

So run ccsm on the xscreen where you see the tearing, that is if the tearing happens on your TV and you use the "separate x screen option" in nvidia-settings, run ccsm on that screen and enable "vsync to vblack" ("general options", then go to "display settings" tab)
I found this solution too, but for me with full screen opengl applications still have tearing (xbmc in my case) The tearing happens to be only on a specific height of the screen, like it was syncing to vblank, but in a wrong time (a little bit always delayed)
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