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Default Re: Windows install smooth? It's a NIGHTMARE!

Hi there !

I've installed windows more time than humanly possible to count (starting from W'95 "era")

So my advices for your situation are :

1. Proceed with A CLEAN REINSTALL (master some nerve at least for this one more time ... )

2. First take everything out but the video card (if it's not integrated). Unplug everything else (including all periferics : lan, usb). Only the keyboard, mouse and monitor should be linked to your sistem. Just to be on the safe side ...

3. Also before reinstalling back-up any / all data as the hdd should be completely wiped out of (old) partitions (clean as a baby - one single unpartioned / unformated space)

4. You could also try to update tha motherboard's bios to the latest (proven) stable version (not beta, unless absolutely necesary). It should be safe and could be necesary for some drivers than Windows 7 needs working in a certain way (ex. : sleep, hibernation, battery management, etc.). It would be better to cover this part rather than ignore it ...

5. PROCEED WITH THE INSTALL PROCESS. WARNING ! : if you have any hdd's set to work in raid mode (0, 1, 5, etc.) you should have the latest driver for them for W7 at hand (floppy or usb flash) ESPECIALLY IF THAT RAID MATRIX WILL CONTAIN THE WINDOWS ITSELF !. DO NOT LET W7 INSTALL IT'S OWN DRIVERS FOR RAID !!! Also you could disconect all other hdd's that are not essential (raid should be ok if you connect them EXACTLY HOW THEY WERE, hdd to coresponding port). They will come up ok pluging them in AFTER the windows would be up and running - NOT "hot pluging" of coarse. ALSO PREPARE ALL THE DRIVERS FOR YOUR COMPONENTS ON A CLEAN USB FLASH FOR LATER ON (motherboard's driver should be extracted as an archive in a separate folder - see later explanations).

6. When you get to the screen where a partition should be chosen or created (in your case created, from scratch) ONLY CHOOSE TO CREATE THE PARTITION "C" - for the OS (W7). DO NOT CREATE AT THIS POINT ANY OTHER PARTITIONS !!! Leave the rest of the hdd unpartioned for now.


8. ONLY install the latest WHQL drivers for those devices that were left out by w7. Most likely the video card and some networking and chipset components. DO NOT THE INSTALL DRIVERS FOR YOU MOTHERBOARD BY RUNNING THE SETUP. We will install them manualy just to see exactly where the problem(s) will apear. The video card should be installed the "normal way" : by running the setup. I recomend installing the video card first ...

9. Copy the extracted the contents of the motherboard's driver from the usb flash to hdd (make a folder an put it on desktop, for easy acces). Then from the device manager's window simply choose to update drivers for each "unknown" or "not installed" device pointing each time through "browse option" to the extracted driver's files (desktop).

10. Your installation should now be complete. (Minimal specs installation)

11. Shut down the computer and connect all other components that you initially unpluged ONE BY ONE, NOT ALL AT ONCE. Obviously you must do a shut down before each main component (audio, raid card, hdd's). Periferics will not require you to shut down (modems, switches, routers, joystick, console, etc.). START WITH THE MAIN COMPONENTS FIRST !!! preferably any other hdds. Monitor closely the sistem's behaviour on each and every step. If you encounter a troublesome step try to undo it (unninstall and unplug) and then skip to other components. Hope everything goes smoothly ... as it should.

12. If everything installed fine (no errors or slugishness so far) than you can start to install things like : antivirus, firewall and any other protection you might want to use BEFORE YOU CONNECT TO THE LAN / INTERNET. Do not install any other aplications (all those drivers and extracted drivers should have been already available on a clean usb flash from BEFORE THE WHOLE INSTALLATION PROCESS OR FROM ANOTHER !CLEAN! COMPUTER)

13. Connect to the internet. Update the antivirus, firewall and any other security programs you installed THEN PROCEED WITH UPDATING THE WINDOWS ITSELF. Windows updates will kick in regardless BUT IT STILL NEEDS YOUR "OK" FOR INSTALLING THE DOWNLOADED UPDATES. So refrain from that "ok" until all protection software is fully updated and operational.

14. Update Windows. This will some times corect bugs and faulty drivers within windows and probably solve some of your incompatibilities or errors. Only when Windows get fully updated only then we can proceed to fine tune drivers that do not work (or do not work as they should) and appeal to manufacturer's drivers. THIS IS WHY WE MANUALY INSTALLED ONLY THE MISSING DRIVERS AFTER THE FIRST BOOT ... this and for per stage setup monitoring purposes, of coarse.

15. If all goes well up to here you NOW READY TO INSTALL ANY APPLICATION YOU NEED / USE as the sistem would be complete and solid. Recomandation : run some intense burning or benchmarking application to test general system stability. HEATING CAN ALSO BE A CAUSE FOR BLUESCREENS ! So get that of your mind with some tests used at least several hours continuously and maybe even in parallel (multiple tests at once, especially if one test doesn't fully stress the machine)

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