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Default Upgrading from 9800GTX to ???


I am currently running a 9800GTX on my PC and until lately, it got the job done. I believe it is time I upgraded my video card, but the question is - which one should I get?

I am considering the 295GTX, but am unsure as I have read for now about the GT300. I'm seriously not sure whether I should wait for it or not. Also, my current processor is E8400 - I know it's not a bad one, but would it be a bottleneck for the graphics card (for either of those)? And of course, my current rig's case is an Antec P180, which is quite small - how big are those cards (for GT300, predictions?)?

The obvious use for the monster card would be gaming, but I wouldn't go into the 1920x1200 etc era. I would stay at 1680x1050, but I would prefer my games to be maxed out. For example, currently I haven't gotten past GTA4's first mission, because the game lags so bad and with lower graphics ... Well, it kinda sucks :P I'm not talking about maxing out Crysis, since I don't even like the game, but knowing the card can run it fairly well, I would be happy :P

The reason for upgrading, besides not being able to max out graphics in games, is that I would like to replace my air-cooling for watercooling. However, I don't think wasting my money on 9800GTX's watercooling part(s) would be wise (I might sound like a complete idiot, since I have never had any experience with watercooling, so sorry if I said anything stupid there :P I saw once a page with watercooling plates for 9800GTX, so that's why I call them "parts"). Since I've researched abit about watercooling and prices, it seems the best way to go is to buy the parts seperately rather than in a kit - this would mean HUGE shipping costs for me. Last calculations showed me around $1000USD - this means, that I can't afford too expensive graphics card - perhaps a maximum of 600USD + a new power supply, since my current one is a 650W one.

Anyways, any advice you people can give me, is welcome.

Thanks in advance,

PS: 1st post, so don't smash me with a hammer, thank you!
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