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Default Re: Official Dragon Age: Origins Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Butter Bandit View Post
I'm so afraid that my expectations for this game are too high. I may quite possibly **** my pants if it delivers. I haven't had a REALLY AWESOME rpg experience since Fallout 3, and Morrowind before that (Oblivion blew goats for counterfeit quarters, in my humble opinion).

If it's as good as the original KOTOR, I'll be most pleased.
Same here, I haven't been so hyped for a game since... Well. A while. I'm gonna be so devestated if it's crap, but seriously, this is Bioware. Proper Bioware, not Obsidian. Bioware. Bioware. Bioware can deliver.

I'm hearing it has a fairly epic length too. So it should with a large chunk the 'Origin part'. Then again, the whole game could be the Origin, the rest of the series could be the actual fight against the dark spawn.
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