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Default Re: Official Dragon Age: Origins Feedback Thread

My review of DAO:

I guess there are two types of gamers out there, ones who like fun in their games and ones who like tedium, a.k.a. depth. And by god is this game tedious, and is it gonna get raving reviews from the fanboys from the latter camp... mark my words.

It reminds me of NWN2 with regards to the performance, controls and gameplay: poor, bad and boring, respectively. Even more text and dialogue. Only the UI is less clunky this time. Story and setting are a cheap LOTR ripoff. Artwork is generic.

Suffice to say i unistalled the "demo" after 1 hour.

Bleh, so glad I didn't pay for this. Back to Torchlight, now that was a 20 bucks well-spent.
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