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Default Ubuntu 9.04 2.6.28-16-generic has black flickers and texture corruption with GTX 260

First a little history:

I built a brand new i7 computer at the end of summer with a EVGA GTX 260, the 1700 meg version. Almost immediately after trying to use the card with linux, I began experiencing all kinds of problems - most of which are the form from the thread title. Namely the screen would flicker black for several seconds, very quick like a screen refresh, and if it didn't crash from it, all the textures in the video memory would be scrambled. I'd see images on the screen, like my desktop and program icons, replaced with bits and pieces of other images. And of course there would be NVRM messages in the syslog. So I fought with it for weeks, and even emailed Nvidia with a bug report - no solution and no response. So I RMAed it. The replacement worked fine so I figured it was a bad card - no big deal.

Till this morning that is. I wake up, start a game that I've been playing with no problem for 2 months and guess what I see - black screen flicker. I managed to shut the game down and just like before, all my textures were corrupted all over my desktop.

So my problem is that this new card is past RMA time and I still have no solution to this problem. My experience from before is the flicker/crash/corrupt problem is seemingly unprovoked, as it occurred several times when I was doing nothing, and so it leads to a very unproductive system. I've looked for others with my symptoms, but so far nothing looks similar. So I'm attaching the latest bug report and hopefully this forum has suggestions - I'm not in the mood to buy a new card.
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