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Default Linux Driver Updates: nVidia sleeping?

I have a DSL Problem with Linux and reported it to nVidia:

"I have a problem/bug with my nForce 1 board when connected via PPPoE on DSL with SuSE Linux 8.2 Pro using the nForce onboard Ethernet controller.
The problem is the following:
As soon as I open a website, for example, as long as the site is loading the cursor/mouse movement slows down a lot, it also effects browsing through the Linux options by slowing the menus down as well.

However, it only happens while opening a website and loading its contents, on a constant data stream for example downloading a 100 MB Linux file everything stays fluently.
As soon as the website and all of its contents are loaded, everything goes fluently again as well.
The problem happens with ALL browsers: Galeon, Mozilla, Firebird, Konqueror etc."

Their reply:


We are aware of this performance bug with nForce 1 and our nvnet driver since June. We are planning a fix for this bug in the future.

Sorry for the inconvenience,"

I really wonder what they mean with "in the future".
The fire out a new set of "unofficial" and "leaked" Cheatonator drivers for Winblows almost every week and need decades for releasing a new driver set for Linux.
The last Linux release is dated June 2003.

Yes I know Linux might only represent only 1% of the market, however, we are talking about a time span of not less that 4 months.
Even if Linux isnt a high priority thing at nV, in 4 months it should be possible to release an updated Linux driver.

This post is not intended to start a flame war.
I simply am very disappointed about the entire situation.

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