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Default Re: Upgrading from 9800GTX to ???

Originally Posted by DiscipleDOC View Post
I agree with this. Your 9800 gtx is fine for the games you play. I would invest in a quality cpu and probably some better ram. What OS are you using?
Windows 7. As for watercooling, I dunno ... I know it's for extreme overclockers, but the main reason I am considering it, is due to it being not as loud as my current rig - without my fans being at max, the GPU is just burning hot and with the fans at max - it's ridiculously loud. Maybe I should just get a proper air-cooling solution and drop the watercooling part at all?

Yes, I thought about upgrading my processor along side my GPU, but going for a better one means going for an i7, which means I need a new mobo and ram aswell. At least as far as I know?

Thanks for your replies so far!
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