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Thanks for reply. My upgrade to 2.4.19 is on the way.
Was not sure exactly what you meant there about loadint at boot. Yes, i do insert the NVdriver when i start X, but i boot into init 3, and then startx and it loads the NVdriver.
I was referring to falling back to the builtin nv driver that you get with every linux (i think so, i have redhat). Thats what its called in the xf86* config? Thats ofcoure if the NVdriver is the cause... [ but for some reason i actually cant get the nv driver to work after i installed the NV one]
In any case,
a buddy of mine just told me that he has same card, uses the new NVdriver, and has no problem. Also , he says that kswapd zombieing is a good reason to update the kernel.

So, thanks
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