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Default Re: XFX GTX 260 Black Edition

I'm not sure exactly what the tool is you're using but that's not normal to get errors of any sort with a stock card.

Download and try ATI tool.... it'll give you some crap about drivers not working, it's fine though, just install anyway.

The overclocking features of the tool will be disabled but you can still scan for artifacts... that's the key thing. Disable FRAPS if you have it running and run ATI tool, test it for upwards of 10 minutes at first ... if it works fine try and hour or something when you go to class / work / school... w/e

Just start small... it's easy to detect overheating errors early when cards first fire up... it doesn't take long to start overheating. If the short benchmark works out but it starts to get errors when you go for longer ones there may be a slight issue with the clocks being just a tad over what is stable.

Best of luck to you... for the record 80+ C is about where mine was at after extended use when I had a gtx 260. If you're seeing upwards of 100+ then I'd be worried (although GTX 280's run at that.... and still work)
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