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Default SLI Load balancing graph not showing up

Evenin' gents,

Just a quick question here about the SLI graph in Nhancer, If I enable it it doesn't show.. tried multiple games and no dice so far.
GPUZ and Nhancer both show SLI as Enabled, all options set correctly in the NV Control panel, I've switched from Multi gpu mode back to Single and then back again, definitely see the performance increase from SLI.
I wiped and reinstalled both the 191.07 and 195.03 drivers, driver sweeper in safe mode, ccleaner registry clean from windows etc, I can't see it being a driver issue as the comp was stripped of every iota of Nvidia muck.

It's not the end of the world as I can plainly see that SLI is in fact working but I'd still like to get graph working just for curiosity's sake.

GTX 295 CO OP btw.
OS - Windows 7 Ultimate X64
CPU - AMD Phenom II X4 965 125w @ 4.02 ghz
MB - MSI NF980-G65
RAM - 4 gigs G-Skill DDR3 2000
PSU - Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1250w
Case - Cooler Master Praetorian

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