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Default Re: ***Official Uncharted 2 Feedback Thread***

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
It's awesome. Play through on hard the first time (so you can unlock crushing). Also, it's good to beat it before you check out multiplayer (you can get a bunch of money to upgrade stuff).

Once you're done with SP, Co-Op is awesome and the other gametypes are really fun. Hit me up to play some Co-Op sometime
Hard! How hard is hard lol? TBH, as I age the less patience I have for games. If something is really hard I usually shelf it lol. So lately I just play on normal or even easy just so I can get my $$$ worth in seeing the ending . Aside from unlocking crushing for the achievement, what benefits are there with unlocking it? I'm about 45 minutes in on normal so if it's just for the achiement I may just play on normal.
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