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Default Re: Particle Benchmark

very very good

my questions were:

custom text RESOLVED
antialiasing on/off RESOLVED
benchmark RESOLVED
particle density 1-9 RESOLVED

and other like:

window resolution (for more cpu stress) NOT RESOLVED
thread count (more thread support, 8 or more) RESOLVED
score output (very usefull) NOT RESOLVED
benchmark option: more or less particles (default is 2.000.000) RESOLVED
benchmark loop number RESOLVED
x64 version NOT RESOLVED
i'm whaiting for other option

the score output is most important

another option for this is when you running the benchmark on more loop, only the best score show up at the end of it, and not the last one, is possibile?


score output (named with the local hour or with the ms score: txt or image?)
window resolution command
only the best score show up after more benchmark loops
x64 version
increase/decrease the "ball" at the center of the window with the mouse scrolling up/down (maybe the big ball can grab more fast the particles, specially in a larger window)

after all of this feature/command the final release must have a graphical real time configuration and, if you work hard on it, cuda support.

ps. what is the render mode?
pps. wht's the max number of threads?
ppps. in the bat file add the line @echo off after the first, this close the cmd window

this bench has taken me
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