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Default Re: G210m Blank Laptop Display

Originally Posted by egghead3 View Post
SUCCESS!! (happy b/c I don't have to return my laptop)

Extracting the edid from windows works great. You just have to add the following lines to the device section of a minimal xorg.conf.

Option  "ConnectedMonitor"  "DFP-0"
Option  "CustomEDID"         "DFP-0:/path/to/edid.bin"
Where the path is to your edid.bin file that you extracted from within windows. I used the program softMCCS to extract the edid. Make you you save it as binary (.bin). I can attach the EDID I got for the VPCCW tomorrow when I have the laptop set up (I am posting this from another computer).

The only quick so far is that when you quit X the console is not restored for some reason.
Congratulations! Could you post a mini how-to-setup-nvidia-driver, including that last step that everyone was waiting for? I have a Sony Vaio VPCCW with GT230M, Ubuntu 9.10.
Did you manage to get the native screen resolution?

Can't wait to hear more from you. Again, congratulations!
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