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Default BAM! Spontaneous Shut Down

Here's a little issue I am having with Windows 7 64. Keep in mind, only Windows 7. If I slap XP Pro or Vista 64 on here, no problems.

It spontaneously and instantaneously dies and shuts down like it wants to reboot, gets a couple lines in to the post text from the bios, then hangs there until I hit the reset/power button. It does this 2-3 times a day, seemingly at random, twice I noticed it was while watching flash video on Youtube. Another time it was right at the end of burning a CD...made it into a coaster

I know what you're thinking..."Dude, what kind of cheap, whack job power supply are you running?"

A 1 year old Topower TOP 650XPT 650w (good luck finding any info on doesn't seem to exist) with 4 20a 12 volt rails I think it was. It's running one hard drive, one DVDRW, and one Geforce GTS 250.

Does anyone know if Windows 7 somehow consumes more power, exposing a weakness in the power supply or something? Or is Win 7 just friggin unstable as hell? I read about an identical issue where they were saying it had to do with Windows Task Scheduler and some tasks in there, but I disabled/deleted almost all of them and that didn't help.

On that note, I did see a lot of "phone home" crap in those tasks. Made a note to wipe that junk out in my tweaking routine for the future.
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