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Default Re: BAM! Spontaneous Shut Down

1. Bios update ...
2. And also please disable any power saving features from bios (NO cool n' quiet or such, if their are such options !).
3. Within windows set your working profile to max power consumption. No hdd shutdown, only monitor if you like ! (rightclick on desktop / personalize / screen savers ... and please go to every advanced detail you can set, don't just stop there). Also : NO sleep, NO hibernate !
4. Windows 7 sata driver might also be a problem, so use the latest one from your manufacturer, EVEN IF IT MEANS FORCING IT WITH A MANUAL INSTALL over the "original microsoft" 's one. (device managager / update driver / browse / select folder with previously extracted (as a simple rar archive) driver)

NOTE : step 2 and 3 are a good advice for desktops no matter what ... trust me. Smooth ride on every application, no hickups or "tremors" of performance (ex. :games) etc.

Good luck !

P.S. If you want I can guide you to use Windows Server 2008 R2 - it's better than Windows 7 in all the aspects that really count : stability, performance ... longevity (installs and unninstalls, etc.)
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