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Default Re: Particle Benchmark

Originally Posted by function View Post
Score output can be txt file, but only for 4-5 number text, is it required?
Window resolution freely changeble form all corners, similar to all windows.
x64 version is coming soon.
For adjustable mouse particle, wait for next version.
I'm not planning cuda support at shot date. For now, it's cpu multimedia benchmarker. May be added next major version update.
Render mode expresses two situation; paint particle or not paint. In default paints. In benchmark mode does not paint.
Thread number is theorically unlimited, but pratically mostly ideal simultaneous working thread number equal to physical cpu cores number.
"@echo off" useless to hide cmd. or not work on my pc.
for the txt, if you can is another option
window resolution yes is changeable from all corners, but after you have changed it you don't know the resolution (it's only for compare cpu's fps)

so i whait for this:

window resolution command
*only the best score show up after more benchmark loops
*add decimal number support for benchmark (like 0.1 (100.000 particle) and so on)
*more time setting for benchmark (maybe the default is 100?)
x64 version
increase/decrease the "ball" at the center of the window with the mouse scrolling up/down (maybe the big ball can grab more fast the particles, specially in a larger window)

*this is most important!

ps. for the score output, is possible an html like the benchmark of far cry 2?

BTW. this is my score with cpu at 100% (8 threads)

edit. i segnale an bug:

when you open the program with the exe you see on screen the cmdline, the last is: Benchmark repeat count, the default is 1 but on the screen it show 2, the same of the demo particle, example:

if you add the command -b 3 (3 milion of particle) on the screen you see: Benchmark repeat count 3 but isn't 3, is only 1! please fix this bug
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