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Default Re: kernel based modesetting

On a desktop market nVidia lots market share to Intel ages ago - so they gave up here. They focus on performance market - Gaming and Workstations.

nVidia doesn't really give a crap about desktop users on Linux - because it's not where the real money is. Linux is important for nVidia strategy but only as long as it generates profit. So lucrative market - workstations - was obvious choice, where you need good OpenGL support (starting from ancient 1.0 to 3.2). There's lots of press coverage all over the internet about nVidia's strategy (interesting interview

So don't keep your hopes up. Currently nVidia provides decent quality linux drivers, so all we can do is to be happy at least something works, rather then demand standard features present in other drivers.

nVidia works in best self interest - not it's clients. After all - it's all about the money.

Lots of people are dissatisfied with support, features, you can find lots of negative posts where people say "it's my last nVidia card". Take it or leave it - you need to realize - they really don't care.
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