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Default Re: BAM! Spontaneous Shut Down

I was thinking that too and have already reinstalled and run it totally default other than Nvidia drivers, sound card drivers...still failed. I don't go too nuts disabling services in 7 yet. I'm not getting any complaints in Event Viewer or anything.

Just now it did that Explorer crash/lockup from my previous post so I rebooted, right clicked that drive and it did it again! I killed the process with the dialog shown, explorer restarted, then I repeated it and it worked fine....go figure. So I can barely browse my friggin drives even without Windows 7 failing on me.

Most of the stuff I disable, are not for performance so much as to stop annoyances. System restore, Volume shadow Copies hogs many gigs of drive space and I NEVER use it because I have complete images of my partition, for example. UAC does nothing but spam me. Defender, Firewall, useless to me.

Maybe one of my drivers for my sound card or something is just crap for Win 7. That would not be unusual for a new OS.
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