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Default Re: G210m Blank Laptop Display

Using windows's EDID worked for me! Egghead3, you are a genius. I am so happy. I was afraid that I will have to return my vaio, because of this bug in nvidia driver. Your solution is a rock-solid walkaround! Thank you again.

Ubuntu 9.10 (and maybe older versions, too) uses minimal xorg.conf. I just added two lines, as you suggested. Now my tuxracer is flying again :-) plus, I can now work on my VR projects. Before Ubuntu, I tried fc-11, opensuse 11.1 -- all the same, the screen goes blank after installing nvidia 190.42 driver.

I still think it's worth writing up a mini tutorial on this subject. There will be more people with the same problem. Vaio CW seems to be very good, so it deserves a decent OS like linux, right? (-:
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