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Default Re: BAM! Spontaneous Shut Down

That's what I am thinking too. It seems to scream bad power supply to is fine in XP Pro, Vista 32 or 64, and only does this in Windows 7. That does not mean I am blaming Windows 7 yet. Maybe 7 has something that exposes the PSU weakness, but I don't know if or what that is yet.

What I did do yesterday was take apart the power supply to clean it out (there was barely even dust on the heatsinks yet) yank the little fan out of the bottom of my PSU and bolted a bigger one over the hole from the outside (left the second fan that blows out the back alone) to see if that changes anything. It sounds like a jet now, but no way is it getting hot in there! Also my case is an older, big, roomy Antec, all clean and dust free, with a 120mm fan bolted onto the side blowing over the Video card and CPU area. It's not hot in there.
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