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Cool Vista will be like AGP for some, even with Windows 7, here is why.....

I recently purchased a laptop as some of you may know. The laptop came with VISTA Home Premium SP2

I was also promised a free upgrade disk for Windows 7. I had my doubts but the Windows 7 CD arrived as promised, & rather then put the upgrade in my laptop, which already had Vista Premium SP2, I decided to upgrade my Carl AS ROCK Weathers Core 2 Duo HD3850 AGP Desktop instead. Since getting the laptop, I felt Vista was faster and smoother then XP and so I was ready to bring AGP into the modern era.

The system upgraded FLAWLESSLY and Carl AS ROCK Weathers is running 1000% times better under Windows 7 vs XP, however I really can't tell much of a difference between the feel and performance of Vista SP2 on the laptop and Windows 7 on the desktop.

For reference, the Laptop has 3 gigs of memory and a 350 gig hd vs 2 gigs memory and 280 gig HD on the desktop. The desktop has much better video, and slightly better processor but both are POWERFUL and DUAL CORE.

I also read an article stating the when benchmarking XP, Vista sp2 and Windows 7, Windows 7 and Vista SP2 were fairly equal and both blew XP Pro SP3 out of the water. From my own experience I would say this is correct and recommend Windows 7 upgrade if your running XP, but not so much if your have the now GRIZZLED SP2 version of Vista.

I would also like to say that Windows 7 rated my 512mb HD 3850 APG system experience as 7.1 which clearly demonstrates the DOMINANCE.
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