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Default Old toshiba laptop: switching video modes is SLOW


I'm using a toshiba "satellite 2410" laptop, 2GHz cpu with a geforce4 420 "go" integrated on board. Using the drivers suggested by for this card ( switching between resolutions in X, or from a textmode console back to X takes several seconds for each change. Switching from an X session to a text console however is immediate.

This is kind of annoying especially when i'm trying to cycle through the available screen modes. It also causes X to take much longer to start (i don't know what xinit, startx, or the nvidia drivers are doing) This problem doesn't happen with the vesa or fb drivers, switching between modes/resolutions is fast and immediate using these. I don't see anything suspicious in my /var/log/X*.log files using the nvidia drivers.

Is there a xorg.conf option or something that i should use to skip some unnecessary checks or whatever?


- delt.
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