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Default Re: 2 wireless routers...

Well, now I have run into some complications. I was hoping someone could help.

so I have my internet go through my modem/wireless router (all in one) then, the 3 wires each go to 3 rooms. One in the living room (PS3). One in another room. And one in my room, which used to go to my PC, but now I have but another wireless router in there, and everything works fine. But Now my PS3 doesn't recognize my PC, or any of the devices using the new router. I understand that I now have a different ip then I used to, I used to have 192.168.1.X but now I have 10.0.0.X and so do all the other devices on the new router. But my PS3 is on the 192 default. Is there anyway this could work? Or would I have to be on the original router?

By the way, no rush guys. Take your time.

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