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Default Re: Vista will be like AGP for some, even with Windows 7, here is why.....

Originally Posted by 3777 View Post
You better check your references sir, the HD 3850 is in fact SUPERIOR to all 8800 series cards. The Windows 7 Video Experience rating in the control panel for my AGP 512mb HD 3850 is indeed 7.1, though the overall score is lower because of the 2mb memory.

Another jealous lowly PCI-E user in denial of the DOMINANCE.

Important to note: If any SUPERIOR APG users are out there, to install an ATI series AGP card in windows 7 you must download the Vista 9.10 AGP hotfix drivers to your computer & extract them to a directory. Then, install the driver directly from device manager using the ATI directory and you're all set.
Post the detailed WEI rating then. Go to the Windows Experience Rating screen, at the bottom right, under the HD rating, is a printer icon and a link to the detailed info. This shows your hardware, etc. Post that and then you can post here. Failure to post that just proves you are full of sh1t.

Benchmarks here show the PCI-E version of the card, which should be faster, is slower than a 8800 GT! Lay off the crack, please.,00.asp
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