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Default What video card do I want for Dell D800 laptop

Just curious, what is the highest performing video card for this laptop.
Benchmarks can be misleading

from my research the model offers a 64 meg nv 4200, a 32 meg 5200, a 128meg nv 5650, a 128 meg ati radeon 9000 and a nv quadro or quadra ? 700

btw: what vers of opengl does these support?

I'm looking for best performance for general desktop and opengl based applications.

the current chip is the 64 meg nv 4200

other questions include
is a cpu upgrade from 1.6g to 2.1g worthwhile?
is a memory upgrade 512meg pc 2100 to 2 gig pc 3200 worthwhile

these are all low cost < 100 ea upgrades, looking for best bang for the buck

fyi plan to run 32 bit Fedora 12 or [x]Ubuntu latest ver

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