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Default Re: NVIDIA Developer Talks Openly About Linux Support

I really apologize that RandR 1.2+ support on NVIDIA has been so long in coming. When it first came up, the urgency didn't seem very high, because we already had our dynamic TwinView support. Then, numerous other projects came up and took precedence. Since then, RandR has suffered from hovering just below the cut-line.
I really hope we can get back to this soon.
"Soon", isn't that is what they said two and a half years ago when they claimed they were working on it? That is also what they said a year ago when they again said they were working on it. It is not so much the lack of progress that bothers me, it is the empty promises. If they tell us they are going to do something, they should do it. If they don't think it is worth doing, they shouldn't tell us that they think it is worth doing. Telling us you are going to do something and then not doing it for two and a half years is not acceptable, especially when it means the driver lacks major functionality for a large portion of your user base (everyone using laptops). I always assumed that they had been slowly working on it, but it just took a long time. But learning that they haven't even started is really frustrating.
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