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Default Trying Windows 7 Media Center . .

So I've been working XBMC like crazy for a year and I've become a little picky with it; some little things are pissing me off. For example, the only skin that is visually appealing and somewhat complete is Aeon. But Aeon is a little slow when scrolling through lists of media.

I looked around today during lunch and found that someone had decked out Windows 7 Media Center using MediaBrowser. And wow, it looked pretty good. I had decided that I could give W7MC a try, plus I needed to upgrade Vista to 7

After an hour, I installed Windows 7, updated the PC and got MediaBrowser ready to use.

So far things are ok. I really like the clean look and ease of use, but dang is it SLLLLOOOWWW. It took me about 30 minutes to find the right x64 codecs to play MKVs and it finally works.

Anyone else using W7MC and MediaBrowser or another add-in? Also, are there any YouTube plugins for W7MC?
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