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Default Re: Official Modern Warfare 2 Feedback (PC) Thread

Originally Posted by Rum Cooler View Post
You beat me to it.

Well, I got my game 3 hours ago from tesco in the uk and so far its been a wierd one.

First I had to fix my router to run the game, had some trouble doing this due to the fact iv never touched a router before except when i smash my bags against it in the morning while trying to get out my door.

After getting my NAT stuff sorted, I start up MP and began searching for a game. After about 10 min it found a game and I connected. After picking my class I spawned and noticed my ping was 3 Green bars, after pinging the IP i was connected to from a program I have, my ping was reading "124 ms" which most of you dedicated guys know, is terrible, yet its listed as GOOD in IW's opinion? what? ..

I could notice my ping as in game, when shooting at a player standing still, it took about half a second before they bullets wud connect, much like what you see when you watch a console video of COD4 atm, when the player shoots at a target, it only tells them after half a second or so that they hit the target, where in PC on dedi's in instant
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