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Default Re: Official Modern Warfare 2 Feedback (PC) Thread

First impressions are pretty good. I didnt notice any lag at all on multiplayer and hit reg is good. The maps are well organised and the rotational spawns tend to keep players on the move. Visually it is better than CoD4 and although i havent had chance to mess with my config i did notice that many of the cvars are the same as cod4.

The only thing that slightly bothers me atm is the 'no lean' and it sometimes feels as though my movement is restricted, I'd say it feels more like W@W than cod4 in that respect.

The weapon and killstreak customisation are pretty cool as well as emblems and call signs but im a bit miffed that my name is whatever my steam name is and the only way to change that is changing my steam name.

Soo so far so good but i have only played a couple of hours multiplayer and have still yet to try singleplayer.

bob you need to get this game TODAY.
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