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Originally posted by Renzo
You can actually read from those history lines what went wrong. Normally general protection fault refers to a some sort of memory error.

You should check ut2003.log also, it should reveal something interesting. If I had to guess, I'd say it's some sort of memory error instead of driver incompatibility.
Well it seems it was my memory after all. Luckliy, however, it was not a bad DIMM. I didn't notice until I rechecked the slots, but the new stick of RAM from Crucial I received today is single-sided, whereas the other two are double-sided DIMMs. I own an MSI nForce board, which of course you know has Twinbank memory technology, 1st bank with one slot, 2nd with two. I had the new stick in the bank that contains two slots, and simply by moving the new single-sided stick into it's own exclusive bank, and the two older double-sided sticks in their slots of one bank, all the crashes disappear. Phew! Thanks for the input Renzo. UT2003 is running smoother and more reliably than it ever did before :P

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