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Default Re: Trying Windows 7 Media Center . .

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
I went here ( and downloaded the latest DX Version build. No video playback, just audio.

I have around 100 movies, 100 or so TV episodes, and around 20GB of music. Just when you go through movies in the any view, it just staggers and takes a while to go through them.

If W7MC doesn't work out for me in the next week or two (like I said, I want to give it an honest try), I'll go back to XBMC.
You might try disabling internet fetching of metadata and see if it stops lagging. You probably will have missing metadata (since it's not downloading it anymore) but at least you'll know if it's that that's causing the problem.

What's the specs of the rig you're running it on? The one in your sig?

Any other background tasks going on involving the hard drive? My HTPC has a C2D E7400, 4GB ram, integrated geforce 9400, etc and I have no staggering. My only problem is the loss of focus bug. I find it's the worst right when you start up mediaBrowser. If you wait 30s after starting it and then try to enter movies or TV Shows it seems to work a lot more.

The reason I love using W7MC (with media browser) is it's just that much more integrated into windows. I don't need to use a program like eventGhost to remap remote keys to program functions. It all just works (with a logitech Harmony One remote).
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