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I had problems with my Live, thcdru2k. Trust me though, I am the type to nearly always get the latest drivers (especially if they add something I really want), and I'm even more likely to tweak the crap out of whatever I had. That didn't fix my problems for me. Plain and simple, Creative's cards work fine in very specific sorts of settings, and if your hardware is outside that envelope, you're at the mercy of luck.

Anyhow, I'll get off the anti-Creative sound card bandwagon. That's one that others can fight. I gave up caring a long time ago, when Creative made it clear how little they cared whether I could use their products, so long as they could get my money.

Most companies only want the dough, but Creative's sloppier than others because they know they're big enough that most people buy purely on their name alone. The ads and store shelves carrying more Creative products than anything else haven't hurt them either. If they really had to compete on the quality of their products, then I think we'd see much better drivers, and probably better hardware (not meaning advertised features changing, just compatibility of the cards in a wider range of system configurations, and a general concern about whether their product does what it does and plays nice as it does it.

Peace out.
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