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Default Re: Vista will be like AGP for some, even with Windows 7, here is why.....

I will have to make this quick as I am heading out soon to woo a hussy.

1: There is no AGP SLI because the manufacturers betrayed AGP in an effort to sell new motherboards and video cards. That said, there are benifits to non sli or crossfire, one of which being increased air flow.

I would also like to add that you also have the added intangable factor with AGP, like having a mint Mustang or Corvette or Camaro from the 1960's in pristine condition rather then buying a new one. You can enjoy both but there is something special about OLD SCHOOL DOMINANCE . So if say Quake Wars Enemy Territory or Counterstrike Source are played at full max setting perfectly, the AGP intangable adds to the DOMINANCE.

Also that wei score is ABSOLUTELY correct. I ran the test again and it is 7.0. Another lowly PCI-E user whose obviously in denial & jealous of AGP. Perhaps the less complicated a system is, and with increased airflow adds to the experience. I also know everything from Battlefield 2142 & heroes to Quake Wars to everything other then crysys (which I don't own so not on issue) runs on Carl AS ROCK Weathers at highest setting PERFECTLY.

Also to the poster who said I couldn't afford PCI-E or am insincere, in previous posts i SPECIFICALLY stated that I chose Carl AS ROCK Weathers motherboard because it had AGP. Considering I bought the AGP Card at the same time, and the MB and HD 3850 were going for about the same price as lowly PCI-E motherboard and 8800 GTS card at the time, well that speaks for itself sir.

As for the question of re-upgrading to AGP, if you have the right AGP hardware & a POWERFUL processor, you will not be disappointed. Windows 7 especially seems to prefer AGP I believe.
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