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Default Re: Particle Benchmark

So I tried every possible way I could after work to hit 4.2 but it just wasn't happening. In fact even raising the bclk by only 4 and it wouldnt post.

I hit up gigabytes website and they have a new beta bios out and it allows a max multiplier of 21 instead of 20.

Set the bclk to 200 and 21 multi and 4.2 w/o a sweat. Running prime atm been going for about 20 minutes. If it makes it an hour I'll see if it improves the score much. This really has me wanting to go for 4.4 now lol but I shouldn't get greedy


At 4.2Ghz I get 2688

and in cinebench I get 5930 (2:29) Single Core/ 21227 (0:41) Multi Core
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